Sunday, December 5, 2010

Logo Design Saved Martin’s Life

“Hey Martin, let’s go man. We are already late.” Sean walked in to Martin’s apartment and screamed really loudly.

Martin was in the drawing room, staring at a beautiful logo design in a photo frame on the wall.

“Not again dude.” Sean said. “Don’t tell me you are looking at this logo again and meditating. What’s up with you and this logo? Why are you so obsessed with it?”

Martin looked at Sean and smiled.

Martin said, “Yes Sean, you must be tired of me staring at this logo design all the time. To tell you the truth, if it wasn’t for this logo, I wouldn’t be here now. This logo saved my life when I went to Nigeria to explore the country.”

“Oh…” Sean was startled to hear that. He said, “You never told me about it. How and what happened?”

Martin said, “I’ll tell you some other time. We are getting late, so let’s go now.”

“No, no, no, no…” Sean walked towards the sofa to sit and said, “We are not going anywhere until you tell me this story.”

Martin smiled, nodded his head and said, “Ok. Let me go and get something to eat and then I’ll tell you the story.”

Martin came back in less than 5 minutes and sat in front of Sean. He then began his story.

“About 10 years ago, I won a lottery and thought about visiting a few countries. Nigeria was one of them. I went with a group of tourists, so I’d get good company and save a few bucks too.”

He continued, “Our first destination was Australia. We stayed there for 5 days. Then, we went to Nigeria. We reached there on Monday. Then, Tuesday morning, I went for a walk with a fellow tourist to see the city. As I was walking, I saw this beautiful logo design on a really big billboard. I stopped immediately.”

He coughed and continued, “As I stopped, my friend stopped as well. I told him that I had never seen such a beautiful logo design in my life before. Then, somehow, I unintentionally looked down and noticed that there was a gutter there and the manhole cover was missing. Had I taken one more stop, I’d have fallen in the gutter and die as it was really deep.”

“Oh Martin…” Sean said as the tears came out of his eyes.

Sean said, “Martin, as you are my only friend in this world, I would be alone if it wasn’t for this logo.”

Sean then looked at the logo and said, “Martin, I would like to spend a few minutes with you staring at this logo. My life would be all dark without it.”

Then both Martin and Sean spent about half an hour staring at the logo design.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Save Your Friend’s Job with a Logo Design

“I am sorry Tony, but you are fired!”

How would you feel if your boss said this to one of your colleagues who also happens to be your close friend?

I tell you, you will feel sad. After all, it will be a sad situation.

What if your friend is the only supporter in the family? What if he has little kids who look up to him to fulfill their needs?

What if one kid says, “Daddy, daddy! I need chocolate”.

Another kid comes and says, “Daddy, daddy! I need a water gun”.

I tell you, your friend will feel as though lightning has just struck him. He will probably feel breathless and fall down on the sofa and grab his head with both hands.

Let me ask you, “Why don’t you change the situation and save his job?”

“What? Me? How? I mean, what can I do to save my friend’s job?” You may ask.

First of all, what you need to understand is why your friend is getting fired. Due to today’s turbulent economy, companies are not earning enough profits to successfully retain their workforce. Thus, they feel compelled to fire some of the employees.

So… All you need to do is to help your boss increase sales.

“How can I help my boss?” You may wonder.

It’s simple… Help your boss give a fresh look to the business… as well as a Professional Look.

You can achieve this with a top quality logo design. Your target market will know you are still in the game and not only competing hard, but also growing. They will be impressed and come to you.

Thus, all you need is a top quality logo design to increase your sales rapidly.

“Hmmm… It makes sense” You will say.

You may ask, “But aren’t logo designs costly? After all, a designer creates your corporate identity and helps you establish your business image attractively and professionally”.

All I can say is… We are lucky!

Thanks to today’s tough competition in the Design industry, logo designs are not expensive anymore. You can get a top quality logo design at an extremely affordable price.

Plus, it will be created by an experienced and professional designer.

So, why wait… Help your boss and save your friend’s job.

Let your friend make his kids happy by buying them chocolates and toys… with the help of a logo design.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary with a Logo Design!

“Our wedding anniversary is next week. So, what’s your plan? Should we throw a big, big party?” Puma Lee asked her husband Chong Lee.

Chong Lee looked at Puma Lee, but it was obvious that his mind was somewhere else.

Puma Lee realized that Chong Lee was worried about something. Chong Lee has been trying to get a contract from this company for past few weeks. Puma Lee thought Chong Lee must be thinking about that.

“What happened Chong Lee?” Puma Lee asked, “Are you still thinking about the contract?”

Chong Lee said, “Yes, Puma Lee. I was very close to getting it when a few other companies came from nowhere. Now, the competition is intense and my future - our future - very much depends on this contract”.

Puma Lee said, “Chong Lee, don’t worry about it. I am not like other wives. I won’t leave you if you become poor”.

Chong Lee said, “Yes, Puma Lee, I know, but still, I can’t just lose this opportunity. Don’t worry about the wedding anniversary. Leave it to me. I will take care of everything”.

Puma Lee smiled and said OK.

Then the day came…

Chong Lee came home. Puma Lee was sitting on the sofa. Puma Lee didn’t seem happy as neither the house was decorated nor the guests were invited.

Chong Lee had a CD in his hand and he looked very happy.

He said, “Puma Lee, I know why you are sad, but let me show you something first”.

Chong Lee turned on the computer, inserted the CD in the CD-ROM and opened a folder.

Chong Lee said, “Puma Lee, instead of throwing a party, I have got a top quality logo design and website design to represent my company professionally. Now, no one can stop me from winning the contract”.

Chong Lee showed the designs to Puma Lee and said, “Today, we will celebrate the anniversary without any guests, but I promise that next year this house will be full of guests. After I win the contract, we will only see happiness around us”.

Puma Lee smiled, but sadness could easily be spotted on her face.

Puma Lee asked, “Are these designs so expensive that you purchased them instead of throwing a big party?”

“Oh no Puma Lee” Chong Lee replied, “They are high quality designs, but the price is very affordable. I didn’t throw a party as I was concentrating on the designs and working closely with this logo design company. They have talented professionals and excellent customer support”.

Then… the door bell rang. Chong Lee went to open the door. When he came back, he had a cake and other refreshments in his hands.

Now Puma Lee felt really happy. She had thought they wouldn’t celebrate the day at all.

Chong Lee said, “Puma Lee, we are alone today, but I promise that our children and relatives will be with us next year”.

Puma Lee smiled and nodded.

Then… the old couple happily celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sara Slipped in the Hallway Because of a Logo Design

As I walked into the office, I saw Mr. T (our Development Manager) put a file on Sara’s desk. S.Z. was smiling, looking at his LCD screen and typing something. Why wouldn’t he smile…? After all, he is getting married next year.

After putting the file on Sara’s table, Mr. T turned around, smiled, said Hi to me and walked out of the room. I said Hi to S.Z. and went to my seat. S.Z. nodded and continued his work.

After a few minutes, Sara walked-in with a cup of Tea in her hand and said Hi to everyone in the room. She turned on the computer and then started checking her emails. After about 10 minutes, she picked up the file, and opened it.

After a few seconds, she said, “Oh… Wow!” She stood up with the file in her hand and walked out of the room at a very fast speed while still looking at the paper in the file.

Within 2 to 3 seconds, we all were startled by Sara’s loud scream and then we heard as though something fell.

Before we could even get up, we heard a guy’s really loud scream and then another noise as though something big fell.

S.Z. and I walked out to see what really happened. What we saw totally astonished us.

Sara was lying on the floor face-up. Her eyes were wide open as well as her mouth and she was staring at the ceiling (she was in the state of shock). She was barely blinking her eyes. A few steps away from her, we saw our soft-spoken e-marketer I.D. in somewhat the same position.

Ms. Ann R. from HR department approached Sara and helped her get up. However, Sara’s mouth and eyes were still wide open and it seemed like as though she was in comma and unable to think.

S.Z. and W.Q. (our tall and skinny ex-marketing expert) helped I.D. get up.

Ms. Ann helped Sara sit on the chair in the hallway. Sara was looking straight now. Her hair looked messy and fluffy, more like what we see in cartoons and comedy movies when a bomb explodes in someone’s hands and their hair gets all fluffy and messy.

S.Z. looked at her and said, “She looks unconscious with her eyes open. What should we do?”

W.Q. replied, “I think we should give her electric shock, it may help”.

We all looked at W.Q. at the same time… It was not a good idea.

S.Z. said, “We don’t want to crack her bones”.

Anyway…After Ms. Ann’s consistent efforts, Sara became normal within half an hour and told us her story.

To make the story short…Here is what happened.

There was a logo design concept in the file and it was created just as Sara wanted. She was very happy to see it. After she walked out of the room while still looking at the logo design concept, she didn’t notice that the floor was just mopped and there was a warning sign on the floor: Wet Floor – Walk Carefully!

She walked fast, didn’t notice that the floor was wet and… Alas... she fell in the hallway.

Luckily, the poor soul didn’t break her elbow or any bones.

“Hey… What about I.D.? How did he slip?” You may wonder and ask.

We asked I.D. about it and…

Well… That’s another story that I will share with you all later.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cassandra Prevented Her Husband from Committing Suicide with the Help of a Logo Design

“Yo Cassandra girl… You can’t hear me, but am gonna commit suicide now. How could you cheat on me like that yo” Lamar cried from the roof of a 12-storey building.

“Cassandra… If you could hear me girl, I would tell you, this building is too damn high and I am scared like something… but girl… I can’t live with this fact that you like some other man” Lamar looked down as he was going to jump off the building in a few seconds.

“Aight girl… Cassandra… It’s time for me to leave this world” Lamar stepped forward to jump.

“Yo ma man… Waittttt….” He heard Cassandra shouting.

He looked back and Cassandra was standing at the door entrance, trying to catch her breath. She must have run really fast.

“What is wrong with you?” Cassandra shouted, “Daniel just told me you were going to commit suicide, because you thought I cheated on you. How could you think something like that?”

Lamar looked down and said, “Why did you leave me in the party then, and started talking to Jimmy Chow?”

Cassandra angrily walked toward Lamar and yelled at him, “Whaattt!!!! I am a web designer Lamar, not a flirt”.

Cassandra’s voice became louder, “I went to him to take a close look at the logo design on his shirt. The sphere in the logo and the color combination was exceptionally good”.

“Oh!” Lamar was startled by Cassandra’s explanation.

“Yes, you are right. I noticed the logo design as well. It was really nice” Lamar seemed all embarrassed now.

“I know that a good design and quality colors can really grab your attention. This is why big businesses work hard to create an attractive website design and logo design” Lamar was so embarrassed that he still didn’t look up.

Cassandra went closer and slapped him.

“Ouch girl... What was that for?” Lamar held his cheek and screamed with pain.

“That ain’t nothing. I am telling your momma and she is gonna whip you. Let’s go home now!”

What do we learn from this story?

A good quality logo design can easily attract potential customers and make your competitors really jealous.

You will even compel some of your competitors to close down and leave the business… Just like Lamar thought he had a competitor he couldn’t compete with, but thanks to the logo design, it enabled Cassandra to save his life.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Don’t Lose Your Leg Because of a Logo Design

“I am sorry Mr. Stevens… Your son has lost his leg. We had to cut the leg otherwise he would lose his life. You can see him now”. Doctor walked away after saying these unbearable words to Mr. Stevens.

Even though it was day time, there were dozens of lights in the hallway, but Mr. Stevens could only see darkness everywhere. He put his right hand on the wall to prevent himself from falling. He then took off the glasses and wiped his tears with his left hand.

He remembered his deceased wife as he walked toward his son’s room. She died just 2 months ago in a car accident… and now… his 18-year old son lost his leg in a road accident.

“How would she feel if she was alive?” He asked himself.

He opened the room and walked-in. His son, Stevens Junior, looked at him as tears came out of his eyes.

Mr. Stevens agilely walked toward his son, held his hand and asked him, “How did this happen my son? How…? I had told you to be cautious when you ride your bike. What happened son? How did you lose control?”

“I am sorry dad” Junior cried, “I got distracted dad, the speed was just fine”.

Junior continued, “On the Main Street in North West, there is a billboard there … There was a really awesome logo design on the billboard that totally distracted me. I was so engrossed that I didn’t even notice that the truck in front of me had stopped. I was totally captivated by the logo design and hit the truck at full speed without even slightly hitting the brakes”.

“Ah!” Mr. Stevens sighed and took a deep breath.

“After your mom had an accident son” Mr. Stevens coughed, cleared his throat and continued, “I had a talk with her just before she died. She told me she had also gotten distracted by a logo design while driving and lost control”.

“But… At least… you are alive my son! At least you are alive!” Mr. Stevens started crying harder, bent down and hugged his only son.

What do we learn from this story?

Lesson for Drivers:

Please drive carefully. Don’t get distracted by attractive logo designs. Professional custom logo design companies have no choice, but to create attractive logo designs for their clients.

Lesson for Companies with Attractive Logos:

It is your right to hire a professional website design and logo design company to get a top quality logo design.

Please avoid displaying your logo on billboards that are on busy streets. However, if you have to, then, please, at least, write this below your logo design in bold:

“Look Straight! Drive Carefully!”

This way… You will also assist us in saving lives!


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Friend Fell Down the Stairs… Please Be Cautious!

S.Z. was not in the office and I was wondering what happened to him. He was punctual and always came to office before me.

Anyway… I went to my seat, turned on my computer and started my work. After a couple of hours, my cell phone rang. I looked at the caller ID, it was S.Z. calling me.

I received the call and said, “Howdy! My friend... Where have you disappeared without notice?”

But… after hearing S.Z.’s painful voice I realized something was not right.

He said, “You don’t want to know mate”.

He continued, “Please tell everyone in the department I won’t be coming in today. I fell down the stairs in the morning and my left foot has swelled up like a balloon”.

“ohhh…!” I felt sorry for him as he is a good friend of mine.

I said, “Don’t worry my friend… Just take good rest. I hope to see you soon”.

S.Z. came to office after 2 days and told us his story.

To make it short… you need to be careful otherwise you can fall down the stairs as well, just like S.Z.

As you go up -or- down, do not look here and there. If there are attractive graphic designs nearby, do not look at them.

Do not let an attractive logo design mesmerize you completely and make you lose your balance.

Always watch your steps!

Make sure you know where your feet are… otherwise you will also fall down the stairs… just like S.Z.



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